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By Coco

Why is the Jiaodong Golden Apple So Popular at 40 Yuan per Kilo? New Changes in Fruit Cultivation, What’s Going On? The Rise of Jiaodong Golden Apple: A New Trend in Fruit Cultivation Yantai apples are renowned worldwide. However, their cultivation isn’t limited to the Shandong Yantai region. The entire Jiaodong Peninsula is a base […]

By Coco

The Rise of Venus Golden Apples The Hype Around Venus Golden Apples Title: When the Venus Golden Apple first appeared, the rave reviews it received were enough to overshadow the century-old Fuji apple: purely sweet without any sourness, a captivating aroma that blends banana and cream, and the potential to replace the Red Fuji. As […]

By Coco

Top 10 Red Fuji Apples Store in the Singapore. Buy Red Fuji Apples from China to Singapore. Get a price on Red & Golden Fuji Apples from China to Singapore. 1 .Reddot Orchard Pte Ltd Address: BLK 5 PASIR PANJANG WHOLESALES CENTRE, Singapore 110005 Phone:+6593522483 Plus: 7QPG+MM Singapore OUR STORY Reddot Orchard is a green […]

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