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By Coco

Why is the Jiaodong Golden Apple So Popular at 40 Yuan per Kilo?

New Changes in Fruit Cultivation, What’s Going On?

The Rise of Jiaodong Golden Apple: A New Trend in Fruit Cultivation

Yantai apples are renowned worldwide.

However, their cultivation isn’t limited to the Shandong Yantai region.

The entire Jiaodong Peninsula is a base for high-quality apple cultivation.

The traditional Jiaodong area, colloquially known as the “Shandong Peninsula,” refers to the peninsula region east of the Jia-Lai area.

It covers places like Yantai, Weihai, and Qingdao. Due to its unique geographical location, hilly soil conditions, and monsoon climate, Yantai apples have gained international acclaim.

In 2022, the price of Yantai Red Fuji apples soared.

In major production areas like Qixia and Penglai, market prices even reached a high of 8 yuan per jin, leading many to exclaim that common fruits are becoming luxury items.

While many don’t agree with this sentiment, the local Jiaodong Golden Apple has already joined the ranks of luxury fruits this year.

With a price of 20 yuan per jin, it’s incredibly popular in the market.

So, what’s the story behind the Jiaodong Golden Apple? How has its emergence impacted fruit cultivation and the entire industry? Let’s delve into these questions.

1. What’s Special About the Jiaodong Golden Apple?

The Jiaodong Golden Apple, also known as the “Venus Golden Apple,” stands out due to its name, which combines two prestigious terms: Venus and Gold.

Many are familiar with Venus, the Roman goddess of love and beauty, originally known as the “sprite of the orchard.”

The term “gold” symbolizes societal wealth, which everyone desires. This name exudes an exotic and superior vibe.

In reality, the “Venus Golden Apple” was initially called the “Weihai Golden Apple.”

Introduced by a Japanese fruit expert during a lecture in Weihai, its original Japanese name is “HARLIKAR.”

It has been around for at least a decade but remained relatively unknown initially.

2. Why is the Venus Golden Apple So Expensive?

  • (1) Exceptional Quality. In recent years, domestic apples have been criticized for losing their flavor. The Venus Golden Apple, however, boasts a richer aroma and higher sweetness level, distinguishing it from 98% of apples in the market.
  • (2) Unique Golden Color. Unlike the common red apple, the Venus Golden Apple offers a unique visual appeal, adhering to the market principle of “rarity commands a premium.”
  • (3) A Name with Implications. The name “Venus Golden Apple” has undoubtedly added to its allure. The association with the goddess Venus and the golden hue has elevated its status, making it a popular choice for gifting.

3. What New Changes Does the Popularity of the Venus Golden Apple Reflect in the Apple Cultivation Industry?

The surge in apple prices in 2022 indicates a boost in profitability.

However, whether this trend can sustain remains uncertain.

The popularity of the Venus Golden Apple signals a shift in the apple industry, with a focus on quality over quantity.

In the future, high-quality apples will command higher prices.

However, this price differentiation is a double-edged sword. While it may bring substantial profits to a few, it might also lead to the elimination of growers who fail to adapt.

As large-scale, technologically advanced cultivation replaces traditional individual farming, the pressure of oversupply in the fruit industry will intensify.

Differentiated apple cultivation becomes crucial, and growers must be acutely aware of new market trends.

Friends, what are your thoughts on the Venus Golden Apple?

Do you think a price of 20 yuan per jin is acceptable?

Please share your comments and let’s engage in a lively discussion!

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