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By Coco

The Rise of Venus Golden Apples

The Hype Around Venus Golden Apples Title:

When the Venus Golden Apple first appeared, the rave reviews it received were enough to overshadow the century-old Fuji apple: purely sweet without any sourness, a captivating aroma that blends banana and cream, and the potential to replace the Red Fuji.

As Weihai is home to many Venus apple orchards, I’ve always wanted to visit and witness the splendor of this apple variety.

In 2022, by chance, I met Ju Bingchao of Cuihong Fruits in Weihai. His hundreds of acres of Venus Golden Apples are in high demand.

My first question to him was: Is there still money to be made from cultivating Venus Golden Apples?

How long will this variety remain profitable? I’ve asked many people this question, and the consensus seems to be at least another decade.

However, Ju Bingchao had a different answer.

The Profitability of Venus Golden Apples Title:

The Financial Ups and Downs of the Golden Apple

He pondered the question and didn’t answer directly, “Every variety has its profitable and unprofitable phases, and the Venus Golden Apple is no exception.”

He continued, “I’ve been managing this Venus apple orchard for several years, and initially, it wasn’t profitable.”

This puzzled me, as the Venus Golden Apple started making money quite early due to its excellent taste and low market availability.

“In the beginning, the quality wasn’t up to par,” Ju Bingchao said with a smile. ”

But now, with a purchase price of over ten yuan per jin, the returns are quite good.” So, what changed? I pressed on, believing there must be some expertise involved.

The Role of Soil in Quality Title:

The Secret Ingredient: Soil

It’s the soil! This aligns with what I had imagined.

High organic content in the soil undoubtedly produces distinct fruits.

One of the reasons for the high price of the Venus apple is its superior taste, and soil plays a crucial role in ensuring this quality.

While many growers are aware of this, few genuinely improve or excel in soil enhancement.

Ju Bingchao showed me the organic content of his orchard’s soil, “It’s at least 4, similar to the organic content in Japanese soil.”

Such organic content ensures the quality of the Venus Golden Apple, explaining why Ju Bingchao’s apples are in such high demand and fetch good prices.

The Market Dynamics Title:

The Market’s Response to Venus Golden Apples

In recent years, many investors, seeing the high returns of the Venus Golden Apple, have entered the market.

However, many aren’t making profits. I recall interviewing an orchard owner in 2020 who mentioned that many Venus apples couldn’t be sold and were eventually sold at low prices, around 3 to 4 yuan per jin.

Is this due to increased production?

It’s understood that the national growth of Venus apples has been rapid, accounting for nearly 5% of the national apple output.

In the Weihai region, it has essentially replaced the Red Fuji.

However, Ju Bingchao disagreed with the notion that increased volume was the issue.

He emphasized that the key to profitability is taste.

The Future of Venus Golden Apples Title:

The Road Ahead for the Golden Apple

Ju Bingchao continues to meticulously manage his Venus Golden Apple orchard.

As I was leaving, he posed a question to me, “Besides the Venus Golden Apple, I have many other varieties in my orchard. Why are you only interested in this one?”

Later, I found out that the Weihai region has started cultivating other varieties like Rui Xue, Wang Lin, and Tu Qi. Ju Bingchao’s orchard no longer has the Red Fuji variety.

He has experienced the transition from non-profitability to profitability with the Venus Golden Apple.

While many see the benefits, they often overlook the challenges he faced.

There’s no guaranteed success in business.

With significant capital entering the Venus Golden Apple domain, is it a pitfall or a rebirth? The answer lies in our perspective.

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